Berlin subway map compared to its real geography

Last week, we published an animation to demonstrate the geographical difference to the abstract Berlin subway and train map.

berlin subway map compared to its real geography

The data was gathered from Google Maps, Wikipedia and the official Berlin transit map. The animation went viral, reached #1 on Reddit World Wide (see the discussion here) and got reposted by the official Berlin media channels. After that, many users felt inspired to do similar animations for other transit systems.

Here a couple animations we found interesting:

vr example of our animation

by GregBahm

London Map

London by Pham_Trinli

tokyo subway system

Tokyo by –Ninja-

Guangzhou subway system

Guangzhou by Sv07

singapore subway system

Singapore by wrcyn

barcelona subway map

Barcelona by MightyMiami

antwerp subway map

Antwerp by CKokken

washington subway map

Washington by stupidgit

washington subway map

Oslo by iamthedestroyer

atlanta subway map

Atlanta by D3signAllTheThings

vienna subway map

Vienna by p6788